Our Clients

Education /  Event consulting, Execution and Reporting

 FMCG / Marketing strategy and Execution 

 Education / Student -management development services and training

 Banking / HR Sourcing and Training for Management Trainees.

 Microfinance / SME Assessment and Raiting Toolkit

 Education / Information Management and MIS deployment

 Travel & Tourism / Branding 

 Healthcare / HR Structuring & Policy Formulation

 Information Technology / Management & HR Counsulting

 FMCG / Organizational Structuring and Financial Policy

 Consulting / Management Resource and Affiliate

Automotive / HR Structuring

 Lifestyle / Branding 

 Tourism / Economic Analysis & Research

 Not For Profit / Management & Financial Accounting

Consulting / Branding and Information Management 

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The North Face

Employment Fund Investing In Nepal´s Future

National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal