Chief Consultants

 Viman Karkee (CA, ICAN)

Chief Consultant - Accounting and Finance

The “numbers guy” at the company, Viman is a Chartered Accountant by profession from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN).  From project valuations to due diligence reviews, tax planning to cost management strategies and auditing, Viman is a one stop shop for all accounting and finance solutions. He brings is over 5 years of experience from banking, insurance, manufacturing and development organizations in the country and is an avid proponent of entrepreneurship and management.



 Amit Joshi (BBIS)

Chief Consultant - System and Support

Amit is the lead consulant of the information consulting wing of the copmany. He brings in over 8 years of experince from various national and international projects spread across a variety of industries and sectors. A BBIS gradutae from Kathmandu College of Management, Amit is a technical expert of C#, ASP.NET (C#, VB.NET), VB.NET, VB and other .net based technologies.


 Ajita Singh (BBIS)

Research Analyst 

An undergraduate degree holder from Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), Ajita has varied experience in research and analysis of companies and government agencies . She has also been one of the pioneers and adviser at the Centre for Research Excellence , an Economics think-tank at KCM  Ajita has taught and worked with undergrad students at the college as well. Besides, she is a published writer with a number of articles to her credit. At Three H she has been working as a research assistant and her job description entails field survey, literature reviews and analysis of the operations of organizations — both corporate houses as well as non-profit organizations. She has been creating models to enhance the performance of the clients of Three H.